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Your fitness transformation starts now! VIP Fitness was created to ensure you feel your best. ​We offer personal training, health coaching and custom nutrition services to compliment your journey to greatness. This coaching experience allows you to become more receptive to your body and its unique needs. You will learn and experience exactly how training and nutrition are really supposed to be. The days of frustration and guessing games are over. VIP specializes in fitness transformations and functional food programs. We are dedicated to giving you the ultimate VIP experience.

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Why Hire A Personal Trainer?

Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer, whether you’re far along in your fitness journey or just starting out. Personal trainers are certified, professionals. Their knowledge about the body, nutrition, and proper workout techniques leads to exercise plans that get you results without accidentally injuring yourself at the gym.

Working with a personal trainer means workouts custom-tailored to fit your current needs. That can be as simple as helping you figure out how to get started or as specific as helping you exercise with a health condition or injury.

Personal trainers also provide accountability, support, and new workout ideas to keep you motivated. Here at VIP Fitness, we love what we do and want you to succeed.

Why Hire A Nutrition Coach? 

Eating habits play a crucial role in your health. Our professional nutrition coaches hold the education and skills to help you incorporate healthy eating choices into your everyday life. They teach you about the right foods to eat, portion sizes, and creating balanced, healthy meals in ways you can maintain long term.

Nutrition coaches take the stress out of discovering what your individual body needs. Working with you one-on-one, they provide meal prep ideas for your lifestyle, add foods that offer nutrition you’re missing, and monitor your progress along the way.

The added support and knowledge of a nutrition coach sets your diet goals up for success, resulting in a healthy routine perfect for you.

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Learn how to create nutrient dense, exciting, satisfying meals for your daily life.

vip fitness orange county california


Develop the skills you need to not only hit your goals but establish a lifelong journey of nutritional excellence!






Gaining more self confidence, WOW! Wearing the clothes that fit you perfectly, WOW! Looking your best straight out of the shower, WOW! Turning heads at the grocery store, WHOA!!!!

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