Yes! Absolutely! Carbohydrates are essential and need to be incorporated daily

We have 2 check-ins a week, every week. This creates amazing accountability and ensures the desired result that you’ve been dreaming of.

We prefer not to send meal plans because they tend to be very restricted and here at Vip, we prefer variety. The variety and flexibility has proven to be fun and sustainable for happiness and long term success.

The use of protein shakes is allowed. However, enjoying a real protein source from natural food is recommended.

No supplements are needed. Achieving you aesthetic goals can be accomplished by fueling your body properly with real food.

Yes! With moderation, anything is possible. The goal is not to be deprived. The goal is to feel alive!

Yes! When you feed your body with high quality food, the chances of improving your energy level greatly increases.

Yes! No bland food over here. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!