Reggie exceeded what I was looking for in a personal trainer

WARNING: People will constantly ask you, “What you are doing & what are you eating?”….People will constantly ask you, “How are you eating all of your favorite foods and look the way you do?”….You will feel Confident and will look the best you’ve ever looked! So be ready, look no further and chose Reggie!!!! This is my first Yelp review and I could not let this man go unnoticed!! Three months ago, I was like you, reading reviews trying to find my first personal trainer. With very little knowledge on fitness I didn’t know what to look for until I came across Reggie’s page. After seeing all of his clients success stories I knew he was the man that I needed to contact. I didn’t hesitate to schedule my first training session and little did I know at that time it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself! Reggie exceeded what I was looking for in a personal trainer and I soon realized he was the only trainer that I’ll ever need. He is truly one of a kind, who is ALWAYS upbeat, smiling, motivating, encouraging, and helps push you to be the best version of yourself and reach your goals. Reggie really cares about his clients and checks in with them daily, not like most personal trainers. Reggie is accountable, always shows up and is always quick to respond to any questions/concerns you may have along the way. He is patient and takes his time to show you proper form of exercises. He will push you to your full potential but never past your limits, he respects the body’s need for rest and recovery. The amount of knowledge and experience this man has is mind blowing! I have learned so much from him about nutrition, sleep, recovery, exercises, the fascinating Human body & mind, the list goes on. He teaches you how to still eat your favorite foods and not feel deprived. Not only is Reggie a personal trainer but also a great mentor and life coach as well! For me this was not just a 12 week transformation but more like a life transformation! All in all, Reggie is the best Personal trainer, you can’t and won’t find anyone like him! There are no words to describe how incredible he is and how much he impacts his clients! His prices are affordable and he is worth every penny given his experience and knowledge. With Reggie, you will get to that fitness goal you have whatever it may be! With Reggie, you will manifest GREATNESS! With Reggie, You will be the most beautiful and healthy and confident man/woman that you can be, and YOU deserve that! #Trainwiththewinner