Why Are Your Muscles Sore After Exercising?

sore muscles after workout

Regardless of your fitness level, muscle soreness can hit you for 1 up to 2 days after doing an exercise. But do not be discouraged because stiffness and muscle aches are normal and that is a sign that you are improving. Muscle pain after exercise does not last long and here is everything you need to know about sore muscles and how you can manage them after a workout.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Sore muscles after doing an exercise or from any physical activity is called delayed onset muscle soreness or better known as DOMS. DOMS happens after your first physical activity or after you try a new physical activity. It can also happen if you decide to add intensity to your regular workout.

This kind of muscle pain is completely normal and it is a sign that your muscles are adjusting to the physical activity that you have done. DOMS is caused by microscopic damage in the muscle fibers when your muscles are being required to do extra work or an advanced physical activity that your body is not used to.

DOMS is part of your adaptation process and it leads to greater stamina and endurance. You will also gain greater strength after the phase of muscle soreness because your muscle will get used to doing regular physical activity at a specific intensity and duration.

Treating Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can be treated but suggested home remedies are not proven to be completely effective. Nonetheless, home remedies are guaranteed to aid the muscle pain until it gets well in 3-5 days.

When you feel DOMS after doing your workout, make sure to rest and avoid doing heavy physical activities such as lifting heavy things. Avoid doing work that uses the muscle part that feels sore. Keep it relaxed for swift muscle recovery.

To ease the pain, you can use ice packs to cold compress the muscle that aches. You can also massage it gently if you think it can ease the pain you are feeling. 

Preventing Muscle Soreness

You cannot completely get rid of muscle soreness, especially when you are starting to shift or start a new active and healthy lifestyle. But you will no longer feel extreme soreness in your muscles once you get used to your fitness workout routine.

You can consult an Orange Country Health Coach to guide you through your healthy lifestyle journey. They will guide you to the appropriate physical activity for your fitness level to reduce severe muscle soreness.

Aside from a professional health coach, you may want to consider hiring an Orange County Nutrition Coach to guide you with the right food and nutrient intake that you will need to strengthen your muscles. When you gain greater stamina, you will need more nutrients from the food you eat to sustain your body.