When Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

best time of day to workout

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout?

We all have the problem of finding the time to work out that won’t be disrupted by our busy lives. This can be a problem for most people, especially if they have goals to improve their physical and mental health. They say the morning is the absolute best time to work out, but does it truly matter when you workout? Consistency is always crucial, but working out at other times besides the mornings can bring you different benefits too. Let’s explain.


Waking up early in the morning to work out has benefits for your physical and mental health. Starting with a good breakfast followed by a tall glass of water will give you fuel for your mind and body during your training session. This kickstarts your metabolism and allows you to feel accomplished at the beginning of the day. 

Another perk for an early morning sweat session is that it can shift your body clock earlier, making you more alert and ready to go. This helps you have better mental health, and you will be more productive throughout your day. Early morning workouts also reduce your stress levels to start your day off on a good note.


If you can’t fit in an early morning workout, an afternoon workout can be just as good. The benefit of working out in the afternoon is to avoid that afternoon slump by getting in some physical activity, even if it’s just going out for a walk. This gives you a performance boost and gets you to refocus on the work you need to do.


Rumour has it that working out in the evening can throw you off your sleep schedule and make it more difficult to fall asleep, but this just isn’t the case if you do it right. As long as you’re not working out and going straight to bed afterwards, exercising late doesn’t bother your sleep schedule. Give yourself enough time between when you finish working out and when you go to sleep. About 3 hours should be enough time to relax your body and mind for rest. Doing some physical activity after a long day’s work can be beneficial to relieve all the stress of the day, especially doing a yoga session. This can help you go to bed more refreshed and ready your body to wake up early and start your day.

Does The Time Of Day Matter When Working Out?

In reality, it doesn’t really matter what time you decide to work out, but what does matter is that you choose the days that you would like to work out and always do your best to keep it consistent. Working out simultaneously during your week can help increase your physical activity levels higher compared to people who work out at irregular times of the day.

As you can see above in this article, whether you choose to work out in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings doesn’t make much difference. Working out at the exact same time each day you decide to work out is what matters most. At VIP Supreme, we can help you stay accountable for your goals and consult with you about the best time to work out that most benefits your goal and schedule.