Top Fat Loss and Nutrition Tips

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How many times have you woken up early and gone to the gym, but when you get home you’re out of time so you simply have cereal with milk and sugar with your coffee? Then more sugar in your coffee at work, plus going out for lunch since you didn’t have enough time to make lunch after your morning workout?

It’s a routine so many people fall into. I’ve seen it a lot in my years as a nutrition coach and personal trainer.

Your nutrition is what I really want to talk about today.

I totally get it, I know how frustrating it is to put in the work and see it all undone by an unhealthy meal. Better nutrition was something I struggled with for years before I got serious about my fitness and wellbeing.

fat loss tipsI’m here to tell you how to boost your nutrition and start forming healthy eating habits today, so you’ll feel better tomorrow and every day after that. At the core of eating better is wanting to eat better. More than having a scale to measure grams or counting calories, you have to want to improve what you’re eating.

It sounds easy while you’re reading this, but it can be incredibly hard once you put it into practice.

Take a look at your cupboard. Even if you’ve emptied out most of the harmful calories and unhealthy snacks, there are probably still a few bad apples in there. That’s okay, but what I want you to do is keep a really good eye on them otherwise they’ll bite you in the butt. You want to look at your cupboard and feel satisfied you’ve made good choices with what you put in there. A healthy pantry is a healthy life.

If you’re looking at sugary breakfast foods, fatty snacks and an overwhelming amount of carbs, that tells me you’re not going to find the joy you need to improve your nutrition. Those are foods dragging you down and keeping you from achieving your goal, so get rid of everything you think will be a temptation and keep you from feeling fit and fine.

If you open your pantry the next morning and you see healthy foods for healthy recipes you’ve always had your eye on, I know it’s going to make for a great morning. It’s going to give you a boost lasting throughout the day.

Our fat loss plans at VIP Fitness will help you accomplish your goals because we have fun with it. Losing weight and eating better isn’t about grueling exercise and starving yourself. It’s about feeling confident in every aspect of your life.

If you come into this with a negative chip on your shoulder, you might have some early success but those bad habits are going to come back and before you know it you’ll be staring at a pantry full of all the snacks you’d thrown out a few weeks before.

But if you come into this with a smile on your face and a great attitude, you’ll have shelves full of healthy foods for the rest of your healthy life. Contact our team to learn more.