The Top Benefits Of Strength Training

strength training benefits

The Top Benefits Of Strength Training

Many people worry when they hear strength training because they think about muscle builders and how bulked up their bodies look. If this isn’t your goal, you will likely have the thought of staying away from strength training, but you would be wrong. Strength training isn’t all about bulking up. There are so many more benefits to doing a couple of days of strength training in your week. Some of which can significantly benefit your fitness goals, whether it’s to tone your body, weight loss, or even getting to a point where you are overall healthier. Let’s talk about some of these benefits!

Increase in Strength 

Strength training will increase your strength and endurance bit by bit every day. You will soon notice that some daily chores or activities that you do seem so much easier now with the extra strength you’ve gained. Think about it when you take out the garbage or if you have children and they want you to pick them up. You’ll have more strength and energy for the everyday things you do.

Maintaining the Muscle Tissue

Once you hit your 30s, you will start to lose muscle tissue. On average, a person in their 30s will lose 8 to 10 percent of their muscle tissue every decade they age. You can reduce that to only 1 to 2 percent each decade by strength training. Just doing a minimum of two times per week strength training program can benefit you in the long term. Trust me; you will definitely want those benefits.

Decreases your Risk of Injury

With a consistent strength training program, you can increase your physical health and help decrease the risks of injury to your body. Strength training not only increases your resistance to general aches and pains, but it can also strengthen your bones!

Overall Improvement in your Bone Health

Speaking about strengthening bones, yes, strength training can increase your overall bone health. Making them less likely to receive damages like fractures and breaks. It increases your bone density and toughens up your tendons and ligaments. This kind of training also decreases your risk of bone diseases.

Take Control of your Body Fat

Muscles burn so much more calories than fat burning does, and this is how you can take control of your body fat. Strength training works your muscles which increases your metabolism. This will lead to a lower body fat percentage, and you can achieve your weight loss goal by doing strength training a couple of times a week.

Now that you know about a few of the great benefits of strength training, you needn’t be so worried that strength training will bulk you up. The right amount of strength training can benefit your goals in fitness, whether it’s losing weight or just becoming healthier overall. At VIP Supreme, we have personal trainers and nutrition coaches here to help you get started in the right strength training program for you and what needs to change in your diet to help you succeed in your fitness goals.