The Best Ways to Get Cardio Into Your Day

best ways to get cardio

The Best Ways to Get Cardio Into Your Day

Cardiovascular or cardio exercises improve our endurance and increase our heart rate, as well as our breathing. Cardio also allows us to burn calories quickly and stay healthy. Continue reading as we show you the best ways to get cardio into your day. 

Cardio is an element that will help you with training, so combining strength and cardio will help you get the most out of each workout session.

Effects of Cardio on your Body

The effects of cardio on your body are many. First, it will help you have a healthy body, and if you do it frequently, there are several other benefits, such as:

  • Increasing your energy levels, endurance capacity, and physical condition.
  • Strengthen your lungs and heart.
  • Reduce excess body fat.
  • Accelerate your metabolism, improving your Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Maintain your ideal weight.
  • Strengthen the immune system and control blood pressure.
  • Increase heart rate, improving blood circulation.
  • Help control cholesterol levels.
  • Balance and stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Decrease hormone levels caused by stress, releasing endorphins.

Another critical aspect of cardio is that it influences your emotional health, improving psychological well-being and personal satisfaction levels, which will help you to be happier.

Best Ways to Get Cardio into your Day

To complete your exercise routine, you need to finish strong, and doing it with cardio is a good option. Walking or jogging for 30 minutes around the block or on a treadmill is excellent. You can also jump rope for 15 minutes, sending a message to your body to get ready, as it is about to perform vigorous movements. 

You can also incorporate cardio into weight training, which is highly recommended. Once you stop the weight training, perform short series of exercises like jumping jacks or high knees between activity changes to keep the heart rate consistent.

Remember, workouts that include cardio increase your heart rate. Therefore, you should know that you should gradually increase cardio intensity as you improve your physical condition.

Swimming is another way to incorporate cardio into your routine. If you lack time to go to a gym, take the stairs instead of using the elevator, or use a bicycle to move around instead of driving a car. Another great way to get cardio into your day is dancing. Take 20 or 30 minutes of your time, play loud music at home, and dance while you do the dishes, cook, or clean.

To get in shape, consider incorporating cardio regularly into your exercise routine. The idea here is to push yourself to the max to get the full benefits. Experts say that a cardio session is successful when, in total activity, we cannot utter more than 5 or 6 words. If we can speak normally, the work has not been enough.

Set yourself challenges in your training sessions; they will help you reach your goals. We also suggest you vary your cardio workout routine so that you won’t get bored. Ask a personal trainer in Orange County for advice, and you’ll likely be doing cardio daily in no time!