The 5 Best Abs Exercises Of All Time

ab exercises

Having a flat abdomen goes far beyond appearance. Indeed, having well-defined abs is the dream of many, especially if you are an athlete, as this will help you perform your exercises much better by strengthening your core.

Having a solid abdomen will allow you to support the spine, as well as protect it. The more you exercise, the more difficult it will be to cause serious injuries. In this case, you must remember that training alone will not be enough. Other factors include the lifestyle you lead, the type of diet, and genetic influence. Let’s see five essential exercises to strengthen the abdomen.

Five Exercises to Strengthen the Abdomen

We show you below the 5 best abs exercises of all time. Include the ones you like the most in your routine to strengthen your core.


Planks are one of the best exercises to acquire greater muscle strength. Any athlete will recognize that it is an intense and demanding exercise regardless of the plank type. Planks involve the abdominal girdle muscles and the dorsal muscles, triceps, and biceps.

To do planks, the most typical is to put the strength in the forearms, supported on the tips of the feet. You must always contract the abdomen to keep the body in a straight line.

Mountain Climbers

Climbers or Mountain Climbers is another ab exercise where the body is placed as if you were doing push-ups. Bring a leg from one side forward, simulating that you will run, or make a slight twist. The intensity of this exercise will depend on each person.

V Ups

To do the abdominal V Up, you will need to lie on your back on the floor and stretch your arms backwards without bending your elbows. While keeping your arms and legs completely straight, bring your legs and arms up off of the ground creating the shape of a V with your body. The goal is to have your hands touch your ankles at the peak of the V.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts will help you shape and protect the abs. If you practice sports such as golf, soccer, or tennis, this exercise can help you immensely.

To perform this exercise, you will need to lie on the floor face up, with your back straight, your arms completely stretched to the sides of the body, and supporting your heels at the beginning. From there, you raise your legs as much as possible without separating your knees.

Lateral Plank

You will need to lie on your side to perform the side plank. If you are a beginner, place your knees bent. Otherwise, keep your body completely aligned and straight. Now, put your upper arm touching your belly button, your lower arm should be at your side, your forearm resting on the floor, and your trunk should be elevated at all times.

The Best Way To Workout Your Abs

Working out the abs is necessary for any person’s daily exercise routine to strengthen the lumbar, buttocks, and core muscles. To avoid injuries and typical mistakes, look for specialized personnel in the area. Contact a personal trainer to help you perform the right abs exercises for your build, weight, and age.

Remember that regardless of your skill level, the frequency and number of repetitions do matter, and it will depend on your physical condition and nothing else. A personal trainer can help you perform these exercises best. Find out how we can help today.