Nutrition Coach Myths Demystified

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Nutrition Coach Myths Demystified

Have you thought about calling in the help of a nutrition coach in Orange County? What is stopping you? Is it all the myths you heard making you doubt? Here we look at some of these nutrition myths to help demystify them. Yes, we already know the first one on your mind is they’re going to make you eat only kale all the time. Wrong!

#1 Nutrition Coaches Only Make you Eat Kale

You love your cookies and martinis stuffed with olives. A nutrition coach understands this but wants to provide you with a life of balance. Health coaching is not only about eating kale. You can enjoy a delicious treat such as a healthy chocolate chip cookie as well.

What it’s all about is for you to figure out what food or habits makes you feel great without starving. It’s not about perfection but progress to make small yet tactful changes when creating habits that stick around. It’s not about jumping on your latest diet trend, calories, or eating a new superfood.

#2 Food Coaches Don’t Struggle with Wellness Themselves

The biggest misconception is that health coaches don’t have the same struggles as you. The truth is, they do. They have struggled with the same feelings and cravings as you and can sympathize with that emotion. For this reason, you can build a solid relationship with your nutrition coach that makes you feel comfortable. 

#3 They Will Judge Your Lifestyle Habits and Weight

If your nutrition coach does this, then they are not doing a fantastic job. Many coaches have been where you find yourself now, giving them an excellent reason to want to help.

#4 They Are Too Expensive

Nutrition Coach rates vary. Some are expensive while others are really cheap. Which one fits you best? Personally, it’s not always the most expensive coach that convinces me. It’s the results that they deliver in which I trust my investment. Instead of spending your money on hospital visits to correct a problem, invest in the right nutrition coach and get healthy.

#5 They Cannot Help Me

The right nutrition coach is ready and confident in helping you. Look, you don’t have to do this alone. This is a journey that everyone needs some type of guidance in. Even the nutrition coach at one point had a day 1 when they needed help too. The key here is that the nutrition coach kept at it. With a positive outlook and the willingness to learn, you can possibly see a version of yourself that makes you say WOW!  

Debunk the Myths and Find Help with a Nutrition Coach

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