How to Start Lifting Weights for Beginners

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How to Start Lifting Weights for Beginners

Weightlifting can be scary. There is nothing as intimidating as being a first-timer at the gym and seeing all those big machines around. If done incorrectly, it can be dangerous too. If you feel this way, know that you are not alone and that every person having their first day at the gym has felt this way. By fortune, here we are to give you some tips to help yourself embark on your journey.

Hire a Personal Trainer

We cannot stress enough how important we consider this for your overall safety and wellbeing. Most of the serious injuries caused inside the gym happen because of faulty use of equipment. This negligence can result in very serious life-changing injuries that could easily be avoided by simply acquiring proper guidance. This is particularly prevalent when working with free weights, where proper technique is a must.

A personal trainer will help you with many things, from correct exercise execution to goal setting and management, and even nutrition.

Start Out Small

Starting out small is one of the last things a rookie at the gym wants to hear. One of the secrets to achieving results in the room is being able to throw your ego out the window and start where you’re supposed to. The other secret is consistency. If you can manage these two principles in a conjoined fashion, you become unstoppable.

Weightlifting is an activity that requires strong-as-steel fundamentals so as to avoid injuries. Start out small at the beginning and reap the rewards not much later.

Form Is Everything

If you have ever watched weightlifting videos on the Internet we are absolutely certain that you have stumbled upon those videos where a very muscular person is lifting massive amounts of weights. It would be interesting to ask them how many injuries they have on their record. 

If you want to prevent this from happening, prioritize form over weight. All it takes is a few extra pounds for things to go the wrong way. Always be careful about this. When in doubt, reduce the weight.

Consistency Is Key!

Here we have unravelled the secret to success in weightlifting and many other areas in life. The progress you will make if you take slow and steady steps is going to be much larger than if you try to take big leaps at once. You will get burnt. Or injured. Think of the story of the rabbit and the turtle.

Consistency will get you far in terms of achievements at the gym. All those stories that are about rapid success at the gym usually entail radical measures (i.e., steroid consumption, unhealthy diets, etc.)

Rest and Eat Well

This aspect is the most overlooked by gym-goers and it is the most important one besides training. If you do not allow your body to build itself back up after a training session, the results you’ll get will be less optimal. It is crucial to sleep at least 7 hours and eat the required calories for your body to function, and then some more (caloric surplus.) Try to take in all of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) your organism needs.

All You Need Is to Get Started

All you need to do is to get started. Lifting weights should not be a traumatizing experience. On the contrary, it ought to be fulfilling and satisfying. Get adequate guidance at from a personal trainer and health coach in California and a nutrition coach in Orange County.