How to Maintain Motivation with a Personal Trainer

personal trainer motivation

Maintaining the motivation engine running high 24/7 is a tough endeavor to pull off. In all honesty, you are bound to have moments when motivation dwindles. Yet, this doesn’t mean that with a little bit of external help, you can’t get your mojo back. 

With the assistance of a personal trainer, you can regain some momentum and improve your overall results. Here are some ways in which a personal trainer can help you maintain motivation throughout your fitness adventure.

Switch Environments

Many times, working with a personal trainer enables you to switch places more often. You can train with a personal trainer wherever you want. It can be in your house, at a park, or at a gym. You name it.

Whenever your training regimen feels stale, opt to change things up for a bit. This will help you find new motivation. As a rule of thumb, you should try at least once every few months to modify places for your training session.

Switch Exercises

One of the biggest problems about training is that the longer you’re at it, the harder it gets to find novel exercises that keep the repertoire broad. When you feel that routines are growing old, try to change exercises a little bit. For every exercise you can think of, you can find at least 2 variations with little to no difficulty.

For instance, let’s say you need to work on your squat, and you always employ a barbell. For one session, you can try to do an overhead kettlebell squat. When you do this, you’ll notice two things: The first one is that many of these variations will add an element of difficulty to your workouts. Secondly, you’ll be training adjacent body muscles that you weren’t probably even targeting before.

So, all in all, whenever you can, add some variations to your exercises. A personal trainer accomplishes a key role in this regard, as their vast knowledge enables them to introduce fun and challenging tweaks in a very safe fashion.

Reward Yourself!

Look at how far you’ve come! You need to allow yourself to give yourself a treat. Does this mean that you should go on a chocolate and Netflix binge? Not necessarily. While you can also do this in a rather healthier fashion, we’re talking about training-oriented rewards. 

Have you been crushing it at the gym, and you want to get yourself a new set of resistance bands to work with your personal trainer? Go ahead. Maybe it’s something even more ambitious, such as a squat rack.

Furthermore, you can also reward yourself while you include your personal trainer in the mix. Perhaps you are a basketball fan. You could play a one-on-one game with your personal trainer and skip the gym for the day. You’ll be training and having tons of fun too!

Bonus Tip: Don’t Rely Solely on Motivation

Many times you will want to throw in the towel. It’s inevitable. We all go through those moments in life. However, this is when you have to soldier through it. At the end of the tunnel, a bright light awaits. The sacrifice will be worth it!

Motivation in Your Fingertips

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