How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

​​Personal trainers are much more than a fad. They are the specialized people who guide you in the routines and exercises you do at home or the gym. The best thing about having a personal trainer is that they will adopt a training plan that suits your needs, build, age, and weight and will help you in the goals you set for yourself.

Before choosing, please read this guide where we talk a little about the characteristics a personal trainer should have.

Characteristics of a Good Personal Trainer

Before looking for a personal trainer, you must clarify if you need them and what you want them for. You could find one in gyms or privately through social media or referrals from friends. Here are some characteristics that will help you in your search.

Experience and Training

Experience makes the master. The fact that a person is good at training does not guarantee they are good at coaching others. A fundamental pillar before hiring a trainer is that they must know how to teach you. Thus, the balance between theory and practice will be essential since we are discussing health, which is not to be trifled with. This way, academic education, and experience will value an excellent personal trainer. Many are certified in specific disciplines, which gives them a plus.

Ability to Adapt

When selecting a personal fitness coach is vital that they know how to adapt to the client’s needs. There may be conditions that affect a training plan, such as illness and physical necessities, so achieving goals may be slower.

In addition, you will need a trainer to adapt to your schedule, so they should be flexible enough to organize and reorganize if required. Please keep in mind that in some cases, rescheduling could raise that personal trainer’s rates.


Motivation is a crucial point for everyone who works out. In fact, it is one of the reasons why we look for a trainer, so this specialist will need to use tools for it. Let’s remember that a good coach does not scold but motivates. 

In this aspect, variety can also influence your relationship with your coach since doing the same exercises with the same material over and over could be a reason to become demotivated.

Resources and Reputation

Exploring all options before locating a personal trainer is essential. You will find fitness coaches who work at the gym, others will go to your home, and some have their own space to provide their services. Many of these trainers have their own equipment and provide nutritional advice.

Another point to consider is reputation. Not all that glitters is gold, so check for recommendations by other clients, friends, or acquaintances.

Finding a Good Personal Trainer

If you still have doubts about finding a personal trainer, know that with their guidance, you will be constant, have more motivation, apply a good technique in each exercise, and optimize your time.

An excellent way to find a good personal trainer is to find testimonies of people who have worked with them; nothing works better than mouth-to-mouth recommendations.

A previous interview would also be great to get to know each other and each person’s vision about personal training. Have them evaluate your physical condition while you assess how they treat you. The best way to find a good personal trainer coach in Orange County, California, is through VIP Supreme, where you can access meal plans, testimonies, and recommendations to help you get started with your new lifestyle today.