How to Avoid Plateaus and Keep Making Progress

workout plan with trainer

One of the downsides—if there are any others besides this—of consistent training throughout time is that the longer you train, the more likely you are to eventually hit a plateau.

A plateau is a coined term for the stagnancy that is perceived when despite training efforts, you still see little to no improvements in your overall condition. Plateaus are mainly experienced by seasoned practitioners.

Here we will tell you some tips you can put to use when you encounter yourself in this particular situation.

Up the Ante

Many times, plateaus can easily be overcome by increasing your inputs. There are periods when we come short in effort, and all we need to do is give training a little nudge to achieve goals

In regards to this, there are three possibilities: You either need to increase the intensity, volume, or both.

When referring to intensity, this alludes to how much energy you have to put out to perform a particular exercise. For instance, if you are at the gym, increasing intensity means that you have to add more plates to the barbell.

In terms of volume, this notion addresses the amount of work you can carry out in a given session. It usually translates to different measurement references such as sets, reps, time, and so forth.

When talking about increases, you should work closely—and cautiously too—with your personal trainer to gauge which one to increase. When you do so, do it in a gradual manner. You ought to try out different variations to see which one gets you out of your bad rut. 

On a side note, if you don’t work with a personal trainer, you should oblige, especially if you are undergoing a plateau. Knowledgeable personal trainers have more technical resources to help you sort out your training inconveniences in a safe and controlled environment.

Change It Up a Little…

Another reason for plateaus is that you have gotten used to doing the same exercises over and over again. Once you become acquainted with the dynamics of an exercise, you know what to expect.

In these cases, it is advisable to opt for variations of the same exercises whenever you can’t change them or directly try different ones altogether.

Provided you opt for the second choice, ask your personal trainer for all the ins and outs of the exercise you want to attempt, especially if it involves a certain degree of risk. 

Another great option would be to change your routine altogether, especially if you have been doing it for a long time. The benefit is twofold, as you’ll develop some body areas that might have become somewhat neglected and because you add a variety of element to your sessions.

Embrace the Journey

Keep at it. You’ll sort out your plateau with our tips. Embracing the journey and all of its hardships is what makes it worth the while. You’ll get your reward when you forge ahead to get to the other side.

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