How to Avoid Diet Boredom With New Foods

diet boredom

Dieting is something you can spend months doing to lose weight and help you get in shape. Usually, diets come with meal plans to help you plan out your eating and regulate how much you’ll actually eat. So what happens when you get bored? A few months in, the food is all the same, and you miss all that you gave up. You want to quit. Well, don’t. We’re going to share ways you can avoid diet boredom with new foods.

Change Up the Schedule

If your diet has a schedule attached to it, where it tells you when and what to eat, then change it up a little. Don’t let that dictate your life. Instead, allow yourself to move foods around and reorganize your meal plan. Repetition can be highly tedious and cause you to lose motivation in mass. 

With the schedule change, you might find you won’t accurately predict the day’s meal. As a result, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you’re actually eating. Are you tricking yourself? Yes. Will it help? Yes.

Remove Demotivating Items

This is a tricky step. Some food items are purely there to help you, and they may be the food items you hate the most. So while you should still be eating them, per your diet, don’t be afraid to reject them once in a while.

Don’t want cashew nuts today? All good, don’t eat them. Don’t make this a habit that hinders you long term, but don’t criticize yourself for missing a meal/snack option once in a while.

Spice Up Your Life

If you’re finding yourself lacking flavor in your meals, then it is time to embrace spices and low-calorie sauces. With so many options, many with their own benefits, you’ll be able to make the meals you’ve become accustomed to and reinvent them. It will be as if your palate is meeting these foods for the first time.

Get Adventurous With Fruits and Veggies

There are a ton of fruits and vegetables in the world, many you likely haven’t tried. So spend a few weeks trying out new beneficial foods as a palate cleanser. 

If there is a particular fruit or vegetable that you can’t handle another day of, try to find its closest competitor and give that a try. You’ll be getting the benefits of the food you’re avoiding while not having to eat that food.

Restaurants Within Your Dietary Restrictions

A diet, and restaurants, are an awful combination. You’ll be hardpressed to indeed find a place ticking all the boxes for your dietary needs. But, if you look hard enough, you might be able to find something incredibly close. 

Mediterranean and Asian food is an excellent example of diet-friendly food options loaded with vegetables and lean protein. Take a look at all the local restaurants and do some investigating into their menus.

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