How Important is Stretching Pre and Post Workout?

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How Important is Stretching Pre and Post Workout?

Workouts are fundamental in our daily routine. We must be careful not to hurt ourselves when working out; therefore, we should always stretch. But how important is stretching pre and post-workout? Keep reading to find out.

Stretching is essential after you do any exercise routine. Doing it frequently will make us notice how the muscles are more prepared to face the exercise during the next session. After training, we stretch the body to relax our muscles, release lactic acid and create blood flow. 

Thus, one of the most relevant aspects of stretching after training is to prevent injuries. When the muscle is stretched, it is more flexible, which increases its temperature. The extension makes our muscles more resistant to a future effort to avoid causing injuries.

Remember, when training, our body goes from a state of rest to an active one, so it is essential to stretch after a training session is complete. This way, our muscles are prepared for physical activity. Avoiding sudden changes is necessary at this point.

Stretching before a training session will relax the muscles, therefore, weakening them before physical activity. For this reason, stretching pre-training is not advised.

The Effects of Stretching on Your Body

Stretching has diverse effects on your body and health, among which we can mention:

  • Preparing the muscle for a healthy workout.
  • Allowing the muscle to be alert, that is, active and awake, before performing the exercise.
  • Improving circulation and reducing muscle pain, thanks to lowering lactic acid levels, produced after an intense workout.
  • Increases longevity
  • It also keeps the muscle young and elastic, thus improving our overall flexibility and mobility in the body.

Stretching post-workout allows for the relaxation of our bodies and our minds. This way, our bodies won’t fight the effort, and we can achieve a sense of peace and wellness, relieving tension after training.

The short time available for training and the rush may be one of the predominant factors that prevent us from stretching after exercise. Perhaps, we downplay the importance of this vital part of training since stretching will keep our muscles young and fit.

Follow our Suggestions to Start Stretching

It would help if you created a relaxed environment for stretching. We must get used to stretching slowly and comfortably. 

For post-workout, we elongate differently through static stretching to eliminate muscle contraction. Keep in mind not to overload your muscles so that you are not tired or sore at the end of the session. Remember that the muscles should only hurt up to a certain point; you don’t want to cause a tear. 

It is vital that post-exercise stretching be directed or recommended by a trainer or professional in Orange County. Having the assistance of an expert will teach you the proper posture, technique, and duration for each movement. Start stretching correctly today.