How Building More Lean Muscle Burns More Fat

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A lot of people are curious about how building more lean muscle can help in burning fat. While most people focus on losing weight first and building muscle later, the truth is you can do both at the same time and produce far better results.

There are so many myths about lean muscles and fat burning, and we’re going to debunk a few of them to bring you a bigger picture.

Fat Can Turn into Muscle or Muscle Can Turn to Fat

This is the body equivalent of apples and oranges. Of course, we’re talking about two completely different things, so the argument that fat could turn into muscle or muscle could turn into fat makes zero sense, yet it’s still widely believed to be true.

The truth is, if you work out, then the fat is burnt as the muscles grow. But, adversely, if you stop working out, then the fat cells grow while the muscle fibers deteriorate. 

Muscle Weighs More than Fat

False. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat has zero difference in weight. Instead, the difference is primarily found in density. 

Muscle is denser and somewhat more compact. But, on the other hand, fat isn’t tight at all, and it would take nearly four times the pound amount of muscle to fill a single pound of fat due to its density.

Eating Fats Just Keeps or Makes You Fat

This is dependent on the types of fats you’re indulging in. Healthy fats keep you lean while saturated fats do next to nothing positive for your body. 

When discussing certain foods, Michele Olson (Ph. D. professor of exercise sciences at Auburn University) stated the following regarding Mediterranean diets in particular; “These foods, as well as fish, avocado, and olives, contain omega-3 fats, omega-6 fats, and monounsaturated fats that are heart-healthy and fill you up, so you don’t overeat.”

The obvious thing to remember is that if you’re consuming more calories than you need, then you will struggle to burn those calories off faster, leading to fat storage.

Focus on Cardio First, Muscle Building Second

I can understand why people might think this, but they’re incorrect. In order to burn fat effectively, you need to burn far more calories than you’re needing or taking in. This is because, in the process of specific workouts, you’re burning the fat and building muscles simultaneously and efficiently. Sometimes, however, you can burn some muscle in the process depending on what you’re doing, how often you’re working out, and various other potential reasons. The biggest culprit contributing to ineffective workouts where you’re burning fat and muscles is not enough protein intake. 

When you get enough protein in your diet, you’re preventing the need for your body to steal protein away from wherever it can in the process of burning calories.

Final Thoughts

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