Everything You Need to Know About EMOM Workouts

EMOM Workouts

Looking to tone up while slimming down? EMOM could be the solution. It comes from the acronym “Every Minute On the Minute.” It is one of the modern methods for training and has gained wide acceptance for the ability to reduce weight through intense and short routines. 

EMOM is a derivative of CrossFit. Join us as we show you what this discipline consists of, the benefits, and some tips to start training.

Benefits of EMOM Training

With EMOM training, you do repetitions every minute for a short period. The technique is more important than quantity, as in any sport because if you do not perform the exercise well, you could injure yourself.

Several exercises are executed in this type of training:

  • Functional
  • Cardiovascular
  • Resistance
  • Strength

By doing EMOM, you will have the following benefits: 

  • Reach the level of resistance you want. For that, plan your goals and meet them. Remember that the general rule is to do the same amount of repetitions in one minute.
  • Train the area you need. You can work on your skills, endurance, power, mechanics, and speed.
  • Set realistic goals to meet. Remember, in this type of training, you are not competing with anyone but yourself.
  • EMOM training will help you improve your concentration, calculate time, and know your body to perform better.
  • Increase muscle mass progressively and naturally.
  • Set your own pace when doing the exercises. You will see excellent results in a short time, but you need to be constant.

Tips to Start with EMOM Training

There are several tips you can follow to start EMOM training: 

  • Apply the proper technique to do a complete workout with a short duration, which should last from 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Start with a routine of a minimum of three variants and a maximum of five variants, which should happen cyclically in 4 or 5 rounds.
  • Adapt the type of exercise and the number of repetitions you can execute in each minute, considering that this time includes a margin for rest.
  • A warm-up before starting your routines will prevent injuries, and you will achieve the technique of each exercise more efficiently.
  • Stay hydrated when performing the activities, and always keep a bottle of water with you.
  • Start with simple exercises, and incorporate more complicated ones as your training progresses.
  • Find a personal trainer to guide you in the method and help you get the expected results, establishing a plan appropriate to your age, physical capacity, and weight.
  • Researching before starting this training is a step that you should not skip, so you will notice if this discipline suits you.

EMOM Can Change Your Life

This fat-burning formula, EMOM, is one of the most intense when losing weight. If you have a physical condition that can withstand this type of training with medium intensity, you will achieve your goals. 

If, at first, you do not manage to complete all the repetitions you have set yourself, do not get discouraged. Just be patient and strive to improve your endurance and strength, this will not happen from one moment to another, but following the correct advice, you will surely achieve it.

Have you decided to start training with EMOM? Contact our personal trainer to help you with this. Always look for professionals to make you a training plan according to the goals you want to achieve, taking care of your diet and performing the routines with good technique.