Do You Burn More Calories if You Have More Muscle?

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Do You Burn More Calories if You Have More Muscle?

You may have many burning (no pun intended) doubts about fitness and physical exercise in general. This is a question you may be inclined to ask yourself after getting a couple of workouts under your belt. You may see that you are getting big and that now you find yourself eating more than before. So, is there a correlation between muscle size and energy consumption? Let’s find out!

Does Having More Muscles Equal Spending more Energy?

The short and sweet answer to this question is yes, it does. The reason behind it is quite simple: The larger and heavier a person is, the more energy is required to move its anatomy. But, as with everything else, other factors influence the energy outputs.

One of them is biological factors. The larger you are, the heavier you are, and your biological sex influences how much energy you spend. We as humans have different hormones that also take a preponderant part in defining how many calories the body burns.

Another item that plays a role in how many calories you burn is the type of workout you follow and how long your sessions are. Here you can further info if you are into the details of how our body works. In short, if you follow hard routines that involve most of the body parts for long periods of time, the oxygen the body consumes after working out to replenish its energetic reserves remains higher for long periods. Basically, your chassis spends energy refueling and repairing itself.

What You Can Do to Burn More Calories 

Depending on your goals, you may want to up your calorie burn rate so that you can eat many of the delicious edible or drinkable treats life has to offer. If you desire to burn more calories, these are some of the things you can do about it:

One of them is to train hard. Doing compound exercises with heavy loads will make your legs shake after you are done. Squats, snatches, deadlifts, bench presses are all your allies when going for a hard workout at the gym. You may even want to skimp on things like bicep curls or dumbbell flys for this purpose.

Another one is to engage in continuous exercises at a manageable pace (from one-half to three-quarters of all you can give.) Doing things like going for an hour-long jog at a steady pace will also help keep calorie-burning levels high if that’s what you want.

And finally, one of the calorie-splurging superstars: HIIT training. This is a method of training usually based on scientific-researched protocols that combines very brief and strenuous periods of exercise with short periods of rest for a definite amount of minutes. HIIT training is one of your go-to’s when looking forward to burning calories.

What is Better for You?

This largely depends on your objectives and your lifestyle choices. Whether you choose to burn more calories or you choose to get bigger, we can design optimal programs for you that will satisfy your needs. Learn more about the best personal trainers in Orange County here.