Diet vs. Lifestyle What’s The Difference

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Diet vs. Lifestyle What’s The Difference

Ever heard the saying that 2/3 of people who lose fat gain it back within a few years? Yes, you have, and this may discourage you. Therefore, what’s the answer, and what is the secret to keeping it off? According to a health coach in Orange County, you don’t need to be one of these statistics. You can be the minority that successfully masters both diet and lifestyle. 

Diet vs. Lifestyle Differences

A diet is temporary, and many see this as a short-term solution with an end in sight, reaching your goal. Your diet helps preserve an end to losing fat. You hold out longer to get back to normal. It takes exercise with teeth grinding and ends up feeling more like a punishment than anything enjoyable.

You get uncomfortable, and it can become unpleasant. Once the diet ends and you reach your goal and do not stick to it, all the weight comes back. Think about how many times you have gone on a diet, looked at something delicious, saying, I cannot have it now I’m on a diet—A few weeks more than I can eat it again. That is a diet that is unsustainable.

A Lifestyle is Permanent

However, a lifestyle is more permanent. According to one of the top nutrition coaches in Orange County, when you do decide to lose fat, it means changing your lifestyle. It is for life and not a way of constantly thinking about escaping as if you are in prison. You are in it for good. 

With time, you will adapt your life-changing behaviors to match in with your new you. Why pain away about taboo treats, instead find healthier alternatives. With the help of a food and nutrition coach, you can create ways to enjoy both your food and your figure.

It all comes down to changing your habits. There is no need to feel miserable with your day-to-day life; instead, make it comfortable. When you change your lifestyle, your view is different when dieting. 

Changing Your Mindset

When you can change your mindset, you can learn how to lose fat and keep it off for good. This kind of fat loss is more sustainable for the long term. 

What about you? How do you view your fat loss efforts? Are you also trying to be tougher and get back to your old ways of eating? Alternatively, do you want to make a lifestyle change? If you answered yes to the last, why not contact a health coach in Orange County provider to help you today.