How to Burn More Fat With These Exercises

Burn More Fat With These Exercises

We all love going to the gym. It is the moment we have for ourselves to unwind from daily life chaos or to just simply enjoy ourselves whilst doing something beneficial for us. And even if you are quite not there yet with the whole “enjoying the gym” part, here we have some tips for burning more fat with exercises that will make you love it.

Cardio Training

As though you ought to be tempted to think that cardio training can be a bit overkill these days, it is a great way for beginners (and not-so-beginners) to shed fat conveniently. Our principal advice is that you choose an activity you enjoy, whether it be going for a run, or using the bike, or the elliptical machine. How do you do it? Very simple. You should try to do it for no less than three minutes, for as long as you can. If you are just starting, you can try for five to ten minutes, and slowly better yourself.

Another question you can ask yourself is: “How intense should it be?” To gauge this, you need to find out your Estimated Maximum Heart Rate. All you need to do is do 220 – your age. Based on this result, when you are doing your cardio exercise, you should always go for 60 to 80 percent of the said result. Most modern Fitness machines can measure this for you.

You can do this every session at the gym to drop fat!

Further down the line as you advance you can also try HIIT training protocols such as the Tabata for optimal benefits. You can even choose one single cyclic (exercise that repeats itself) motion such as butt kicks.

Compound Movements

It is a very commonplace practice to see new people at the gym following bodybuilding types of routines. No wonder why they get discouraged most of the time and quit after a couple of weeks. Even though this form of training can work for some people, it can certainly not for most of the gym-going population.

What you should try to do instead is compound movements. What are these? Think of Burpees, Thrusters, squat press, etc. Why? Because the more limbs you move, the more energy your body needs. The more energy it needs, the more fat it burns, given that you execute these movements for a determined time period.

If you want to burn fat, you should look for doing these exercises with little weight (no more than 60%RM, or even bodyweight for total beginners) with a large number of repetitions (12 to 20 depending both on the difficulty and intensity of the chosen exercise) mostly done in sets of 3. Since these will actually make you tired, you might want to rest for a minute or two between sets.

When doing compound movements, you want to rather focus on technique, and high speed of execution, as long as you learn the how-to right, and progressively increase it.

Get the Most Out of Your Training!

All in all, if you follow these tips you are guaranteed to see results that will have you coming back to the gym for more! For further advice, head to VIP Fitness for premium personal training in California at accessible rates.