5 Ways to Fix Back Pain

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Few problems are as debilitating and as nagging as back injuries. Whenever you injure a wrist, knee, or ankle, you can find ways around those to keep your training going somehow. But, when your back’s off, it isn’t as simple, as you are severely limited by pain.

Luckily for you, there are ways to relieve back pain. Here we show you the best ways to fix back pain so you can keep it going!

Keep an Eye on Mobility

Many times, the back is a reflection of the general mobility you possess in your body. You tend to suffer back pain whenever you lack mobility in certain areas of your anatomy. It can also happen that other factors, such as core strength—or lack thereof—determine the health of your back.

Whenever you train, focus on mobility. Starting from the warm-up, move your back in many directions and angles, so that its ranges of motion are fully covered. Furthermore, when you train, all exercises should be oriented toward this goal as well.

Even on those days when you’re not training, back mobility should be in the back of your head. Spend 10 minutes daily performing exercises such as cat-cow stretches and gentle rotations. You can thank us later!

Lift Weights!

There is a general misconception that lifting weights harms your overall mobility. This is far off from the truth! In fact, lifting weights can improve your back’s condition by making your core stronger and by increasing your general range of motion. 

Make sure to put a stronger emphasis on compound movements, as they are the ones that give you more bang for your buck—or reps!

Focus on Core Strength

Core strength alleviates back pains and reduces the chances of back injury incidents drastically. When you engage in training, try to dedicate time to training your core. 

As a rule of thumb, depending on how many days you can go to the gym, you should strive to leave one day for core-oriented strength training. 

For instance, instead of doing bicep curls, go for plank variations like the biceps planche.

Practice Yoga

How does yoga help you reduce back pains? Very simple. Yoga is a great cost-effective and time-efficient form of making your back feel better. Yoga positions favor core strengthening while also giving your back plenty of room to stretch. Many positions help in this regard, such as the adho mukha.

As a bonus, yoga works on your posture a lot, meaning that it’s also a great way to prevent any future inconveniences regarding your back.

Don’t Sit or Stand for Too Long!

Sedentarism is the number one enemy of your well-being. From diabetes to disk problems, staying in one position for an excessive amount of time is going to decrease your life quality in the long run. Sitting or standing for too long puts continuous strain on different parts of your body.

The best way to spare your back some pain is always to try your best to move your body for 5 to 10 minutes every day, not only focusing on the back but also on adjacent areas such as the hips, legs, arms, and neck.

Now It’s Time to Get Off Your Back!

Get off your back! The best moment to turn your life around and get rid of chronic back pains is now. The best personal trainer in Orange County is here to help you out. It’s never too late to become the best version of yourself you can be. For more fitness and nutrition advice, go to https://thevipfitness.com/.