5 Best Shoulder Workout Exercises for Building Muscle

shoulder workouts

The shoulder is one of the most complicated and mobile body parts to train. You won’t get very far by just going to the gym and doing shoulder presses; if you ignore the muscles and structures that support the shoulders, you might miss out on gains.

A wide range of shoulder exercises is important not only for gaining bulk and strength but also for increasing your power while improving your stability.

Overhead Press

Start by holding the barbell with a slightly broader grip than shoulder width, or stand with your wrists stacked over your elbows. Place your hands on the barbell with your palms pointing in the same direction as the bar. The width of the stance should be midway between shoulder and hip width. Keep the barbell in the palms of your hands and raise it straight overhead to press through the barbell. Once the barbell has passed the head, you should consider shrugging slightly through the bar as the head approaches the arms.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises

With a dumbbell in each hand, take an upright stance. Lift the dumbbells from the side of your body until your upper arm is parallel to the floor, maintaining a straight back and a firm core. It’s not necessary to keep your arms completely straight and a small bend in the elbows is typically more comfortable. Perform the motion in reverse to get back to the starting position. Three sets of 8–10 reps should be performed.

Front Delt Raises

Start this workout by standing with your feet about hip-width apart while using modest weights. Keep your elbows slightly bent as you gently extend your arms in front of you parallel to the floor. Hold a weight in each hand with the palms facing back and horizontal to the thighs. Hold, then carefully and slowly descend. Repeat.

Arnold Press

All three deltoid muscles are used during this exercise, improving rotational mobility during the press phase of the lift. Beginning with a dumbbell in each hand, place your feet hip-distance apart while maintaining a straight back and engaged core. Palms facing the body, hold the weights at the shoulders. Start by extending your elbows wider, and bring the weights straight up overhead. Rotate your wrists, so your palms are facing forward, and lower yourself through it.

Military Press

Similar to the push-press, this full-body lift is challenging. It was previously a power lift and using a barbell, it is still a well-liked lift for establishing lofty strength objectives. Select a challenging but not too heavy weight after a good warm-up. Classic rep schemes, such as 5×5, are excellent for building muscle and strength. Sets of 6-8 or 8-10 reps, with the last one being a struggle, but no chance of failing the rep, are best for greater pure size increases.

Final Thoughts

Everyone can benefit from a personal trainer if you want to help build your shoulder muscles or other muscle groups. Personal trainers like those at VIP Fitness are certified professionals who have a great deal of knowledge about the body and proper workout techniques. Contact us today to get started with one of our trainers!